Time Trials

ttleagueShimna Wheelers participate in the East Down Inter Club League EDICL  with neighbouring clubs La Lantern Rogue CC and Kilinchy CC.

This league runs from April to July/August each year and races are normally held on a Tuesady night with wheels down at 7.00pm.

Anyone interested in racing must have the appropriate license. Distances vary from 7 to 25 miles. Races can be Individual time Trials (ITT), 2up Time Trials (2up TT) or Team Time Trails (TTT). 

For the EDICL again it is the best 5 from 9 events. You must do:

  • 2 SW organised events
  • 1 LR event
  • 1 KCC event
  • 1 other of your choice
  • Racers MUST have a suitable license, ie Cycling Ireland “Limited Competition” or “Full Competition” or CTC alternatives. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • You are responsible for your own safety. Obey traffic laws. The road is not closed for the event. You are deemed to be a regular road user.
  • Line up at the starting line on the hard shoulder in departure number order. Stay off the travelled part of the roadway.
  • Missing your start time means you go last.
  • Respect the rights of other road users. Allow plenty of room when passing pedestrians or other cyclists.
  • Do not ride with your head down.
  • A marshal is on duty to mark the turnaround point or junction and to vouch that riders reach the turnaround point. The marshal is not authorized to advise you on whether you should turn.
  • The decision to turn is yours alone. You must check in both directions well in advance of the turnaround point to determine whether it is safe to turn. If in doubt, err on the side of waiting.
  • Helmet use is mandatory.
  • Warming up on the course after the first rider is away is forbidden. Plenty of room in the opposite direction!
  • No drafting is allowed ..ie.. sitting behind another rider.
  • Call out your name loud and clear as you approach and cross the finish line
  • NO I-Pods / MP3 devices
  • Riders shall not approach the timekeepers for times until all riders are finished
  • All participants, marshalls and time keepers must sign the disclaimer form

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