Sprocket Rocket update!

An amazing day all around – weather didn’t let us down this week and we had a full turn out from the sprocket rockets. A few new technical skills were added today and everyone did really well. Massive thanks to all coaches, helpers and parents for their support. Another great day for all Shimna Wheelers to be proud of.

SRW2-005 SRW2-025 SRW2-026 SRW2-027 SRW2-028 SRW2-030 SRW2-032 SRW2-033 SRW2-034 SRW2-035 SRW2-038 SRW2-040 SRW2-041 SRW2-042 SRW2-043 SRW2-044 SRW2-045 SRW2-046 SRW2-047 SRW2-049 SRW2-052


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