Shimna Rockets


Shimna Rockets enjoying a well earned rest after conquering both trails and grass track in Castlewellan Park.

Shimna Rockets – Moving on from our Sprocket Rocket programme we have launched  our
Shimna Rockets. The Official name for our youth section of the club. In May/June we ran the Sprocket Rocket Programme, a national programme organised by Cycling Ireland. Sprocket Rocket gave our youth the opportunity to gain necessary skills needed to hit the trails and get launched into cross country style fun and events.

Shimna Rockets is currently only available to those kids that have successfully completed the Sprocket Rocket Programme or can show a competency level required for safe participation. This will ensure a safe and competent level is achieved before they can progress to the more technical side of cycling. Rockets meet in Castlewellan Park every Friday night from 6.45pm to 8.00pm. From Saturday 12th September we will be moving to a day time slot of 12 noon. We would like to congratulate all 25 members who progressed this stage and look forward to loads of cycling fun in the weeks to come.

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Below: Shimna Rockets on the grass track in Castlewellan.


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