Group riding basics

  • The group will arrange itself into two parallel lines with gaps around a wheel length between riders. Speed of the group is controlled by the rider on the front left. Riders behind should call if the pace is too fast and causing the group to split. Rider on the front right should not attempt to increase the pace by riding faster or ‘half wheeling’
  • On the call of ‘change’ by the Ride Leader, the formation shall change in an anti-clockwise motion. The rider on the front left shall slow his/her pedal stroke slightly allowing the rider on the front right to move in front and pull in to the left.
  • On the call of change, the rider on the front right should not accelerate to move ahead, as this causes the group to split.
  • Remember that riders actions at the front of the group will be repeated and exaggerated by riders behind. Therefore do not employ any sudden braking/acceleration or left/right movements, these could lead to crashes further back in the group.
  • Smooth riders are good group riders.