Club Constitution

Club Name Shimna Wheelers CC                (PDF  signed copy available here)

1 Name

The club will be called Shimna Wheelers CC, referred to hereafter as ‘The Club’andbe affiliated to the Cycling Ireland, the recognised Governing Body for the Island of Ireland by the World Governing Body for Cycling, the Union Cycliste International (UCI). The club colours shall be Blue, Yellow and Red.

2 Objectives and Policies

2.1. The objectives of the club shall be to organise and promote cycling orientated activities, without discrimination. It shall be club policy to offer opportunities to participate in cycling to all sections of the community. The Club shall adhere to the Equity Policy of Cycling Ulster/Cycling Ireland in promoting the sport of cycling to all sections of the community regardless of age, gender, religion, ability, ethnicity or sexual preference.

2.2. To promote drugs free participation in cycling in accordance with the requirements of, Cycling Ireland, the UCI and the World Anti Doping Agency. (see Appendix)

2.3. To adhere to all relevant policies adopted by Cycling Ulster and Cycling Ireland, the National Governing Body.

3 Club Year

The Club’s year shall be the calendar year: from January to December.

4 Officers

The office bearers of the club shall be the Chairman, Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, Safeguarding Officer, PRO plus three others who will be assigned roles which meet the requirements of the club.

5 Committee

5.1 The club management committee shall consist of the above named Office Bearers. Additional members up to a maximum of five, shall be elected from the body of the club. Committee members must be paid up cycling members of the club.

5.2 Each committee membershall have one vote with a casting vote being carried by the Chairman.

5.3 Composition of the Committee:

(a) The Club shall have the following Officers:

(i) Chairperson, who is the chief officer, responsible for the effective management of the Club; the Chairperson shall preside over Committee meetings and Club General Meetings; the Chairperson shall be one of the three signatories (any two to sign) on the Club’s bank account(s) unless agreed otherwise by the Committee.

(ii) Secretary, who is responsible for minute-taking at all meetings, and for ensuring that information about all matters affecting the Club is communicated to members efficiently and expeditiously. The Secretary shall be one of the three signatories (any two to sign) on the Club’s bank account(s).

(iii) Treasurer, who is responsible for chairing the finance committee and for overseeing the club finances; the Treasurer shall be one of the three signatories (any two to sign) on the Club’s bank account(s)

(iv) Public Relations Officer, who is responsible for all issues relating to PR. This shall include online communication via website and social media as well as press and publicity materials as required for the furtherance of the Club objectives.

(v) Safeguarding Officer who is responsible for the welfare of young members of the club (under18) and vulnerable adults. Such a person elected must have attended a safeguarding course.

(vi) General Officers The members may also elect general officers to the committee to assist in general areas and to assist other officers with their duties. (see 5.1 above regarding quantity)

6.0. Term of appointment:

Each Officer of the Club shall hold office until the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting following the date of the said officer’s election, but is eligible for re-election.

7.0 Election of Committee Members:

(a) Any Member may be nominated (or may nominate himself/herself, either in person or in writing) for election as an Officer or Elected Member.

(b) The ballot for the election of Officers and Elected Members shall be conducted at the Annual General Meeting in such manner as the Committee may direct.

7.1 Vacancies:

If a vacancy occurs in the membership of the Committee for any reason, the Committee members may appoint a member to fill the vacancy, and the member so appointed will hold office subject to the Rules. The person filling the vacancy shall retire at the next occurring Annual General Meeting

7.2 Powers of the Committee:

The Committee

(i) Shall manage the business affairs of the Club;

(ii) Shall exercise all such functions as may be exercised by the Club other than those functions that are required by these rules to be exercised by the Club in a general meeting;

(iii) Has the power to perform all such acts and do all such things as appear to the Committee to be necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of the Club

(iv) Shall have power to create and wind up sub-committees as required

(v) Shall have power to co-opt up to two further members to the Committee as required.

The Committee shall hold no less than six meetings per year.


8.1. Annual General Meeting of the Club:

The Annual General Meeting shall have the following duties:

    1. The Members will elect a Committee including a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Safeguarding Officer and PRO to serve until the next AGM;
    2. The Treasurer will present a financial statement of accounts of the Club for the latest financial year
    3. The Committee/Chairperson will present a report on the Club’s activities since the previous AGM;
    4. The Members will discuss and vote on any resolution (whether about policy or

to change the Rules) and deal with any other business put to the meeting.

8.2The committee shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.At least one month’s notice must be given of this meeting.

8.3. Notices of motion regarding changes to the constitution must also be given 21 days prior to this meeting. Members should be advised seven days priorto the meeting of the notices of motion.

8.4.The meeting shall be called for in October or November.

8.5. All paid-up members, clear of Club suspension, shall be entitled to attend and vote. Voting shall be by show of hands or, on request, by secret ballot.

8.6. The election of officers shall be by simple majority. Two-thirds majorityofthose voting are required to change any constitutional rule ( see Appendix).

9 General and Special Meetings

9.1. The club committee may call General Meetings at any time. At least two weeks notice of such meetings must be given. A General Meeting shall be open to all club members and shall merely be a forum to discuss important issues and allow an exchange of views.

9.2. The committee may call for a Special Meeting. So too may any paid-up club member on submission of a written request to the secretary, giving a minimum 14 days notice. The club member’s written submission must also contain the signatures of 10 fully paid-up members and the reasonforthe meeting. The committee shall decide on the most appropriate way of gathering votes on any particular issue. This may include a show of hands or secret ballot at a meeting or postal ballot. The committee will also decide on the majority required.

10 Annual subscription / Membership

10.1. Club subscriptions shall be fixed annually by the committee. The period of annual membership shall run from January 1st to December 31st. New members who pay a Club subscription after an AGM will be offered membership for the remainder of that calendar year and the whole of the following year. Club and Cycling Ireland membership renewals will normally only be available from January 1st. All club members shall be required to obtain an appropriate Cycling Ireland licence including insurance cover not later than 28th February in that year.

11.0 Members

They must have a recognised membership or licence issued by Cycling Ireland which provides the member with, as a minimum requirement, Third Party Liability insurance. Such members will have full club voting and membership rights. They must also pay any annual club subscription.

11.1 Membership forms shall be submitted to the club secretary along with the appropriate fee. The committee reserves the right to veto an application.

12. Discipline

The club committee shall have the right to suspend members for misconduct or breach of Club, Cycling Ireland or UCI rules.

13. Racing/Events

13.1. The Club shall promote cycling events for all its members. The committee will produce a calendar of events for each year. The calendar will be made available using all accessible media.

13.2. Competitive events will be organised and run under the rules of the governing bodies.

13.3. Trophy winners shall, upon receipt of same,be made responsible for themfor the period in which they are to be held.

Declaration (Constitution adopted at a meeting held at: Annual General Meeting on 16th November 2014)

As a Club Official I agree to abide by and enforce the rules of the club Constitution and office to which I hold.