Pre ride advice

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Fill up with a decent breakfast, porridge, cereals, toast. You’re trying to avoidbonking, running out of energy.  It happens very suddenly in cycling. Marathon runners call it “hitting the wall”.  You run out of stored glycogen, and shift to another source of energy. Your body doesn’t like doing that; it’s less efficient, and it produces unpleasant waste products which hurt.

Food on the ride

Bananas, energy bars / gels. Eat before you are hungry and drink before you are thirsty. Carry at least two water bottles, and refill them regularly. Getting dehydrated is one of the most common problems on long rides.

Equipment on the ride

Rain Jacket or additional clothing depending on the weather and where the ride is going. If you are climbing a mountain pass, you may need warmer clothing for the top. Check the weather forecast to determine if you will also need arm and legwarmers or full fingered gloves

  • Helmet,
  • Spare tubes, pump, tyre levers
  • Drink bottles (at least one 500 ml bottle of energy / electrolyte drink).
  • Money for cafe
  • Cycling gloves
  • Mobile phone
  • Rain coat (all year round)
  • Mudguards (winter months)

Please note: Helmets are compulsory on SWCC Club Rides and events.