Follow the Highway Code at all times – it applies to ALL road-users.

Helmets are compulsory on all SWCC club rides and events.

Cycle a maximum of two abreast in two close parallel lines where appropriate; focus on keeping it neat and tidy.

Ride with 1ft approx. between your front wheel and the back wheel of the rider in front. There should also be 1ft between your shoulders and the rider beside you.

Be prepared on small or busy roads to ride in single file.

Riders at the back of the pack to shout “Car up, single file” if there are vehicles behind. Listen and act on their calls, DON’T look back and check for yourself, as you will move off your line and may cause an accident.

Lead cyclists to navigate and point out hazards in the road by either shouting “Car down, hole, or on the left”. Listen to them and act on the calls, and most importantly, repeat them for the cyclist behind you.

Ride directly behind the wheel of the rider in front. If you cycle in the middle of the two wheels in front of you, you WILL push the cyclist on your outside into the path of passing vehicles.

Never pass on the inside of the person in front of you. Always pass on the outside and only when the road is clear behind as well as in front.

Brake as gently and smoothly as you safely can when riding in a pack.

Cover your brakes at all times.

When on the front keep pedalling, this is particularly important going downhill. If you free wheel everyone behind will have to brake.

Talk to each other. Point out either with hand signals or shouts, all potholes, manhole covers and other dangers in the road that could cause punctures or accidents. Follow the hand signals and calls of the riders in front as they will have seen the danger before you and then you can all communicate down the pack.

Ride at a steady pace, keeping the pack as a compact unit.

Don’t overlap wheels, or nudge in between the wheels of the riders in front. You will come off if they move off their line.

Don’t make any sudden movements/changes in direction off your line when in the pack. You are responsible for the cyclist behind you; they are following YOUR wheel they need to trust you.

No I – pods, MP3 players etc on group runs or TT’s

If you encounter a problem – mechanical, call of nature, the “bonk” – shout out to alert the group, they will stop and wait or offer assistance

Lacken Road time trialers